Estonia – A DevNight Review

By Marilis Aasa, HR specialist, Derivco Estonia

Derivco Estonia hosted its first DevNight at a tech-savvy and hipster-like club called Erinevate Tubade Klubi (The Club of Different Rooms) in Tallinn on 24th May 2017.

DevNight is a series of events mainly directed to game developers and artists with the aim of exhanging experiences, sharing tips and knowhow on improving the practice as well as rise interest towards game making for those new in this field. Even though well known in Durban, the DevNight had its premiere in Estonia only this spring and successfully filled the venue with enthusiastic developers and designers.

The opening event had three speakers in store for the audience to cover the subtitle – GameON. First, Ross Kelly (an award-winning game designer, programmer and creative technologist with over a decade of gaming experience) from Durban presented the tricks of completing one game from start finish within a month. Then Madis Rääk (3-time podium winner at Estonian Game Jams and a .NET developer on a daily basis) from Derivco Tallinn office explained how to develop a game even quicker without prior education or experience and the night was concluded by our own 3D Designer Artur Piel presenting the magical world of triangles that help to shape 3D elements, hints on adding colour to the surfaces and aspects to bear in mind when creating an artificial environment for the human senses.

In addition to the speaker sessions, our showcased Jungle Jim VR experience attracted the attention of many. The attendees used every opportunity to try it out, ask additional questions from the speakers and get in contact with other like-minded people. All in all, Derivco Estonia’s first DevNight proved to be a real success as the attendees wished for even more time to mingle and showed interest in participating the second DevNight edition!