Being a Working Dad with Derivco

We chatted to Matt David, who’s title is proudly split between General Manager of Derivco Ipswich and as a family man, being a father of two.

How would you describe a normal day in your life?

I get up around 7am and am usually woken up by my 3 year old daughter jumping on my head or asking me to fix a toy that isn’t working. I’ll then help them both get ready depending on how helpful they are being with sorting themselves out! They usually go to bed before I get home during the week so the morning is a good opportunity to ask them about their previous day and tell them about mine.I’ll usually get into work between 8.30am and 9am depending on the traffic (it would be quicker if I left earlier but then I’d miss catching up with the kids!) and then get straight into my working day. Every day here is different so I don’t have a specific routine during the day, but I always aim to finish around 6-7pm before heading home. If my 6-year-old son is awake when I get back I’ll read him a story but my daughter is nearly always fast asleep by then.

 Is it achievable to have a healthy work-life balance at Derivco?

Absolutely, and that’s vital for me.

The biggest factor in this is not having to commute to London as I wouldn’t see my wife and kids at all during the week if I did that. Working in Ipswich and having flexible hours allows me to easily attend school events as well as getting time with them in the mornings, and as they get older I’ll get more time with them in the evenings as well.

At Derivco, a work-life balance is a hugely important part of how we operate. We use the gym next door to the office as a benefit, which I’ll either go to during lunch or later in the day depending on how busy my day is, and we run a weekly office football match which also helps keep my fitness up. That all helps to make sure I can keep up with my kids at the weekends!

Our Summer Party this year is a family affair with lots of entertainment for kids as well as adults. We’ve achieved a lot this year and it’ll be great for our families and children to celebrate it with us.

 What are some of your favorite things to do with your children?

It sounds a bit mundane but I love going to the supermarket with them. They find it really exciting and help me choose random things when I inevitably forget to take a shopping list, and we also indulge in a bit of trolley racing (apologies to other shoppers in Morrisons). Other than that, the beach is always a winner.  

What do you value and enjoy most as a family man?

Travelling. My wife and I always want to go to new places and experience new cultures and it’s much more enjoyable with the kids. It really allows us to spend quality time together as a family.

 What would your dream Father’s Day look like?

A barbeque, a cold beer and a few garden games. I’d settle for that under an umbrella if it’s a typical English Sunday.

What would your message to any working fathers be?

Remember that your family is why you work so hard and they are always the priority. If you remember that then it’s much easier to balance your time and you will be much happier for it. You’ll also be better at work as you’ll place more importance in managing your time efficiently