Business Intelligence, is it ‘a new craze’ or obligatory in business for 2017/18?

Business Intelligence is the process of obtaining insight into your data that affects decisions you will make.  BI is considered a Vogue term in 2017.  Many businesses are looking at the way they can amalgamate their data and use it to give them statistics on past events. There are many reasons why BI is coming to the forefront of business, but at Derivco we have been leveraging our data for a good number of years.  Some commonly visited topics that indicate you should be looking at BI are:

  • The need to integrate data from many sources and Applications
  • Clarity is required into the companies operations and ultimately the finances
  • There is a timely requirement to obtain business specific data
  • There is an increase in your number of users, and your end clients are requesting more data and insight from you
  • Your IT department are incredibly busy and still being asked to create reports

As a department we look at our Operators BI, we collect their data, make it meaningful using the latest Microsoft Technology, and pipe it into storage that our Applications can see.  We present our data in an H5 application that our operators can use to maximise their insight into the data we serve them.  We have made a big deal out of the time taken to get our data through our estate, through the layers of architecture and into a format that we can present to our operators.  Our process is ever-evolving and taking benefits from the latest versions of software and technologies available.

It is really important that the data we make available to operators is in a format that best suits what they are after, and fits with the way in which they want to consume the data.  This in turn promotes more engagement with the business, allows for KPI’s to be better tracked and communicated, and removes the IT block that many face when asking for reports to be created more frequently than is timetabled.  Our system at Derivco is different.  We are online, our reports are customisable, we have a roadmap of ingenious changes and upgrades that will really add benefit to the use of our product suite.

BI in 2017 really is a game changer. If you aren’t looking at Bi and giving it real focus within your business, then you will be missing out on potential capitalisation.  Afterall, as consumers we all want the most suitable, relevant, appropriate to us benefits in our family life….Why wouldn’t our work customers want that too?

If you would like to find out more about how awesome it is to be involved in BI at Derivco, or to be part of any other Derivco team please contact our Ipswich Office on