A Day In the Life: Leon Triggs, IT Software Engineer

We grabbed a coffee with Leon Triggs, our very own Viking-esque IT Software Engineer, based in our Isle of Man office.

Hi Leon! Tell us, how did you get into IT?

My father was a software developer, so I was exposed to IT from a very early age. Growing up in the late 80s, we had one room in our house that was full of computers and servers which back then was a rarity, but it was normality for me. So, once I left school, I decided to take my Microsoft MCSE exams to really understand what it was all about and get my foot in the door of IT. I sort of fell over the threshold and never looked back!

What does a typical day as an IT Software Engineer look like for you?

I arrive into work around 8am and head straight to our on-campus coffee bar, The Watering Hole, for a large black coffee to ease me into the day.

Once at my desk, I can see if I’ve been given either software deployments or calls to focus on for our product area for that day. This is how our average working day is split.

Calls are logged by our various operators and rated by severity, and include software fixes and upgrades to systems. The software deployments are logged by project coordinators within the company, and we then roll out carefully planned changes and updates to software as and when required. As you can imagine, no two days are the same!

We have a daily scrum (or wider team meeting) around 9:30am, to discuss what each team is doing on that day and if there is any work planned that may cause disruption to other teams.

What training have you undertaken since joining Derivco?

We’re continually encouraged to upskill and improve ourselves, and I’ve taken a number of Microsoft exams and attended various soft skill courses, all arranged and supported by the company. Most recently, I went on an ‘Immersion Course’ which I really enjoyed. It took me out of my comfort zone, and was great to take time out of my day-to-day to be challenged in a different way.

I can honestly say I’ve learnt something new every day here. It sounds cliché, but it’s true! The skills and knowledge from my previous roles have certainly helped me, but the work I do here is like nothing I’ve ever done before.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced at Derivco?

I’d worked in the industry since leaving school, and I thought the knowledge I’d built up over the years would mean I’d understand the role straight away, but that wasn’t the case.

I’d say around 70% of what we do here is bespoke to Derivco and isn’t replicated anywhere else. Although this may sound daunting, it’s actually very exciting and means that every day is a school day.

The biggest challenge I faced was adjusting my mindset, realising I was no longer an ‘expert’ in my field, but being surrounded by insanely technical and intelligent people, you are very quickly brought up to speed.


Why did you choose Derivco?

Before I joined Derivco, I chatted to a few people I knew in the IT industry on the Island who had recently joined the company, and they told me that it was unlike anywhere else they’d ever worked. The people were awesome, the lunches were free and the work was challenging. They sold it to me, so I took a leap of faith and applied, and here I am!

2 years later, it’s the best move I’ve ever made. Alongside the amazing facilities, the people here are friendly and the benefits are second to none and give you a real sense of security.

And finally, what do you enjoy most about working for Derivco?

The culture is completely different to any company I’ve worked for previously. People want to help you become the best, and that’s an amazing feeling. I can honestly say I wake up and look forward to coming in to work, which is something I’m very grateful for.

Oh and I get to wear shorts and flip-flops! Even in December!

If you’re interested in working for Derivco Isle of Man, check out our current list of vacancies here or email our HR team directly at [email protected] to introduce yourself! 😊