Operations Development bootcamp

The first Derivco Academy hosted by Operations Development recently came to an end. Four software development  students, at various educational levels, took part in the intensive five week-boot camp, which aimed to bridge the gap between tertiary education and industry expectations. The strict curriculum was structured to give students the most out of the experience. It included:

  • A week of online learning, comprising course material from Plural Sight and lectures from developers, usability and UI design
  • Two full sprints with exposure to scrum, planning, design, grooming, reviews and retrospectives

The students ultimately produced a native mobile application, which was developed with Ionic and an ASP.Net Web API backend. They were supported by developers throughout the process.

“I gained a lot of experience from a technical point of view,” said Kgotso Chacha, who is studying towards his honours in IT. “I love creating something from a few lines of code, so my journey at Derivco has been fascinating,” he said.

Mohammed Ebrahim, a third-year software development student, felt inspired by the people he worked with. “I got to work with some of the smartest people I will probably ever meet,” he said. “I got to learn a ton of new things and experienced what it was like to work in a real software engineering environment. I want to be in this field more than ever before.”

His sentiment is shared by Shahirah Shaik, an IT student a UNISA. “I am motivated to work harder and learn more,” she said. “I am so inspired by the people I met at Derivco.”

To gain real world interview experience, the students were also put through two rounds of simulated interviews. Feedback was provided after the second round.

Stephen Welgemoed, Team Lead for Support, felt the Academy was a success. “The skills obtained by each student went further than just technical,” he said. “They learnt a lot about themselves and grew their soft skills. I believe they can now play a better role as an active team member,” he concluded.

“Thank you Derivco for this experience,” said Dashveer Sukai. “It was an amazing experience and should definitely be hosted again,” he said.