Exceptional senior developer required!

Derivco Durban in on the hunt for an exceptional senior developer. Someone with an interest in game development, who wants to continually learn new technologies and someone who can mentor junior developers. We chatted to Rolene Groenewald, senior project manager, to find out more.

1) What role are you looking to fill?

We need an exceptional Senior Developer who ideally has an interest in game development, enjoys learning new technologies and can mentor junior developers.

2) What important characteristics are you looking for in this person?

  1. Enjoys learning new technologies.
  2. Experienced and passionate about quality and best practices – think Clean Code by Robert C. Martin
  3. Ability to mentor and guide junior developers on a technical level

3) Tell us about your team and what projects they work on

The team works on a wide variety of interesting projects. Our main aim is to support the Game studios in delivering legendary games, particularly from a technology perspective.  That means that we analyse, problem solve and suggest innovative solutions for any areas of concern.  We also investigate new technologies that will directly benefit our games.

4) What will this specific role involve?

  • Being part of an awesomely motivated team
  • Being part of the Senior group that drives team processes and best practices
  • Taking part and contributing to technical design discussions
  • Great solution development including Unit Testing, Automation and Code Reviews (as standard)
  • Helping to form the minds of incredibly talented junior developers

5) What would a day in the life look like in this role?

Every day is different! We start at 8.45am with stand-up where we chat about the current work and any potential roadblocks. Then we have a coffee – which is a crucial part of the day.

The seniors usually spend a bit of time with the more junior developers to guide them on their work for the day.

We will often have some design meetings; and some team process or general brainstorming might take place.

The rest of the day is filled with (hopefully) high quality development and collaboration with the team.

6) Why should someone apply for this role?

If you meet the criteria above, we honestly believe this is a great place to work. Our management is very supportive of the way we work and the team is doing awesome things.

7) Top three cool things about this team

The team is fairly new but it’s empowered, energised and self-sufficient.  The world is our oyster!

We’re totally cross functional – including testers, artists and an audio engineer.  And we work well together. We have so many different types of personalities and value those differences.

Apply for the position here: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/346736548/?pathWildcard=346736548&trk=job_capjs