DB (SQL) Developer Level 2

Job Description

We are looking for a database developer to design and create databases, and to write and maintain stored procedures.

Key areas of responsibility:
• Determines most effective and efficient software design to meet specifications, when necessary.
• Determines appropriate software design, in conjunction with Technical Lead/Team Lead and Senior Developers, according to best practice.
• Develops software, as per company’s standards, to meet the defined specifications from the Technical Lead/Team Lead within the agreed deadline and project schedule.
• Provides Project Coordinator with accurate estimates for completion of the software.
• Updates the Project Coordinator and Technical Lead/Team Lead on an ongoing basis, with regards to the project schedule and technical aspects of the project.
• Obtains sign-off on developed software from Technical Lead/Team Lead or Senior Developer.
• Produces the required artefacts for the software (such as source files, executables, components, configuration, files, scripts etc).
• Ensures that all the produced artefacts are versioned correctly and accurately.
• Ensures that the development or maintenance performed does not compromise the quality and functionality of the software.
• Completes comprehensive and detailed documentation for the software developed, according to documentation standards and within project schedule.
• Forwards the documentation to the Technical Lead for checking and approval.
• Makes amendments to documentation when necessary.
• Produces the required analysis and design documentation for the software according to the documentation standards and within the project schedule
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Required Skills

  • 5+ years’ database development experience
  • Create SQL objects using T-SQL, not wizards
  • Data Modelling
  • Database Design – understanding the priniciples of database design is
  • Understanding database administration
  • Designing of indexes
  • SQL code performance tuning
  • Replication (adv)
  • Task variety – working on several different tasks or projects
  • Details Working on tasks requiring great attention to details

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