Head of Game Integration

Job Description

The head of Game Integrations is responsible for the integration of external content onto the various internal platforms. He/She is ultimately responsible for the integration platform, as well as the delivery of content. He/She needs to ensure strategic direction and alignment both internally and externally.

Required Skills


  • Engaging with the team on technical discussions.
  • Integrates the team and department processes and procedures effectively.
  • Effectively communicates and implements processes and procedures in the team and with stakeholders.
  • Reviews processes and procedures on a quarterly basis to determine effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness.
  • Focus on R&D.
  • Maintains a current and accurate understanding of existing systems, infrastructure and procedures.
  • Understanding the technology stack and evaluate technology needs.
  • Assesses the potential impacts of technical solutions on the organization in terms of efficiencies introduced, manual processes eliminated, risks, benefits and cost and resource savings.
  • Work with technology team to produce world-class products driven by technology visionaries, domain experts, and customers.


  • Monitors progress of projects to ensure that they are on track and within schedule.
  • Coordinates projects to ensure that prioritized deadlines are met.
  • Ensures a clear way to measure success, compliance and organization effectiveness through data.
  • Partner with cross functional teams to ensure quality product output, timeliness, and market requirements
  • Ensure that deliveries of the Product teams are met with high quality
  • Tracks performance of new product/commercial developments to assess success and communicates delivery.

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