Project Manager

Job Description

Purpose of the position:

Manages the work of staff allocated to relevant projects and works with internal & external clients. Has overall responsibility for planning & managing medium to large sized projects.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Aligning performance for success.
  • Building strategic working relationships.
  • Displays Company Values.
  • Effectively communicates time frames, milestones and expected results for assigned work.
  • Gathers appropriate information in order to review progress and provide feedback.
  • Meets with others to review the results of assigned work.
  • Builds support for preferred alternatives.
  • Constructively addresses emotions and conflict.
  • Effectively explores alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain the support and acceptance of all parties.
  • Engages in mutual problemsolving by brainstorming alternative positions or approaches and evaluating them fairly and openly.
  • Explores all parties’ needs, concerns, and initial positions, including own.
  • Facilitates agreement through a give-and-take process that recognizes each party’s core needs.
  • Awaits project prioritisation and authorization.
  • Collates and Lists all project risks, issues and dependency reports, in the agreed manner with relevant stakeholders,
  • Contains/manages the project scope as defined and agreed.
  • Develops a project plan based in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders and team members.
  • Effectively generates a detailed project schedule showing tasks, milestones and identified (via relevant Team Lead and BA) resource.
  • Assists with the documentation and communication processes improvement initiatives.
  • Assists with the implementation and monitoring of the process.
  • Discusses any new developments and or techniques tried or researched on the project with his/her peers.
  • Incorporates new processes into project plans and schedules.
  • All risks, issues and dependencies are raised in agreed manner and forum.
  • Arranges and attends all regular project team workgroups and communication sessions to discuss Project progress and updates.
  • Ensures that all issues, risks and dependencies are reviewed and followed up repeatedly until resolved.
  • Ensures that the project timelines are managed effectively.
  • Ensures the required or prescribed standards are adhered to for both QA and Technical Teams by arranging appropriate reviews and or peer reviews.
  • Escalation of Issues/Risks when senior management if intervention is required.
  • Maintains the morale of the project team throughout the project life.
  • Proactively Monitors and Manages the risk, escalates if necessary.
  • Serves as the first point of contact for external departments i.e. Product, Art, IT, Service Management, CIR, Training, Testing, for all issues regarding a project.
  • Takes appropriate corrective action to ensure that the project schedule, functionality and quality criteria are being met.


Required Skills

Comprehensive knowledge of the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – min 2 years
Min 2 years Agile Project Management experience
Proven experience in successfully delivering software projects.
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) or Project Management Professional (PMP) or equivalent
Exposure to 1 or more PM Methodologies
Experience of working with 3rd party, remote Teams.
The ability to negotiate timelines and resource allocations
The ability to build strategic working relationships, which will result in acquiring domain knowledge
The drive to follow up with stakeholders and keep them informed
The ability to request prioritisation to achieve committed deadlines
The ability to work under pressure and in a continuous changing environment



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