Software Quality Analyst (Senior Tester)



Job Description

Purpose of the position:
The primary purpose of a functional tester is to ensure the software under test meets the specified requirements and to help create the best experience for our end users, using continually improving testing methodologies and working with other teams to deliver the highest quality.

Technical Outputs:
• Participates in Planning and Design sessions
• Identifies and engages with stakeholders
• Test Data preparation
• Create/Update/Refactor Test Cases / Artifacts to ensure that all necessary scenarios are covered in the designed tests, using applicable Test Techniques
• Implement risk based prioritization of tests
• Reads release document and finds out all relevant information regarding the project and any external factors that may affect the project before the project has been scheduled to start
• Identifies risks and plans contingencies based on similar projects or past experience
• Agrees deliverables
• Plans and develops reusable and maintainable artefacts for cost effective maintainability
• Test cases to be automated are identified, defined and prioritized
• Escalates delays in planning
• Improves efficiency by finding ways to Reduce man hours/physical time for testing
• Requirements gathering and analysis
• Completed relevant documentation according to standards
• Documentation Sign-off where required
• Follow up on deployment and live testing
• Participation in sprint or post Project review
• Tests software installation
• Schedules and Executes tests according to the Test Plan/Checklists
• Software Version control is adhered to
• Issue identification and troubleshooting
• Completes Test Cycles/Sprints
• Completes sign-off procedure
• Multiple levels of testing documented and executed. ( component , Integration testing, system testing, acceptance, performance, security)
• Ensure Environment is available for testing and pre requisites are met
• Log Environment issues
• Environment management for eg. Copies/backup/snapshots are taken
• High priority defects logged early
• All defects found are logged and Communicated to relevant stake holders
• All unresolved defects are reviewed with stakeholders, according to status before sign off
• Maintain Defects throughout its Lifecycle: entry, checking, retesting, regression, update status, closure, review, removed duplicates according to best practices
• Proactively Supports Management/Team/Lead
• Involves Test Specialist Teams to ensure relevant testing is completed
• Ensures internal project stakeholders are informed through active communication during the project lifespan
• Follows prescribed processes and workflow
• Develop and refine plans, templates, strategy and re-estimate workload requirements
• Completes all necessary task administration & documentation related to the project’s implementation
• Works towards achieving team objectives/deliverables
• Adapts to changing situational requirements
• Knowledge transfer and upskilling of self and team
• Innovates and implements change
• Provide support as required
• Co-ordination of Integration testing.

Required Skills

IT Related BSc/BCom/Ndip and 2 years testing experience OR 4 years testing experience AND Intermediate level qualification (society where applicable)
ISTQB foundation level
Web API testing
SQL Querying skills
Relevant technical skill
Understand the SDLC
Appropriate problem solving skills
Effectively prioritize
Effective time management
Work under pressure
Good written and verbal communication skills
Ability to troubleshoot with assistance

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