Douglas, Isle of Man

Contributing to the global success story through outstanding technical expertise

Home to a professional and highly technical group of IT professionals, this dynamic studio plays a huge part in the support and deployment of our software. Here, our technical specialists work closely with Derivco devs around the world to produce the exceptional e-gaming content we’re known for. We push boundaries every single day and evolve as quickly as our technology does. And although we take our work seriously (we’re potentially obsessed), there is nothing more we like than a social catch-up after work – usually involving food. Our cutting-edge technology, awesome benefits, career and growth opportunities make us the employer of choice on the Island.


There are not many places in the world that can match Douglas when it comes to lifestyle. Here, there are no such things as long commutes or parking problems. The Island is known for its unparalleled safety and security (with a highly attractive tax rate). We’ve got the oldest running democratic government in the world, with excellent infrastructure. Our gorgeous countryside allows us to indulge in the outdoorsy activities we love: mountain biking, trail running and even scuba diving around shipwrecks on the coast. Safe, secure and welcoming, we’re grateful we get to call this place home!



MGS House, Circular Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1BL.

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