Stockholm City, Sweden

Building and supporting the back end of our sports betting products

Working from one of the most important global cities in the world, our ambitious developers are open-source oriented and love talking about and trying out new technologies. This team concentrates on the back end of Microgaming’s sportsbook portfolio and focuses on agile development and continuous integration and delivery. Coffee is central to Swedish and Derivco culture, and we spend our downtime playing FIFA, table tennis and foosball. Friendly and laid-back, we love nothing more than our monthly hackathons and bi-monthly fika time.


The capital of Sweden, Stockholm City is the heart of all things cultural, political and financial. Home to some of the world’s top universities, the Royal Family, government and the Nobel Prize annual ceremonies, Stockholm is clearly an important global city. If Stockholm was a friend, we’d be insanely jealous: she is not only successful and important, but is also beautiful (breathtakingly so), fashionable and has a great personality. What’s not to love?


Teambuilding: climbing the highest mountain in Sweden!

Teambuilding: climbing the highest mountain in Sweden!

This past weekend, Derivco Sweden together with some fellow colleagues from Isle of Man, London and Ipswich flew to Kiruna (located in the northern part of Sweden) to climb Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. Once at the airport in Kiruna, we all took the bus, 66 kilometres to Nikkaluokta, a small Swedish Sami village…


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