Programmer by day, fisherman by night, sergeant by mission – the ordinary life of a Derivco Estonia developer

Madis Raak, a .NET Developer in Derivco Estonia shares with us the role he has in the office, what keeps him inspired and shares with us advice he would give to people looking to get into development.

Name: Madis Rääk

Job title: .NET develper

What do you do at Derivco?

I am a .NET software developer and Powershell Guru – currently working on multiple micro-services, all of which are involved with our team’s main product called Playcheck (a tool that gives players complete information about every move they make during a gaming session and can be used to view gaming history or analyse their gaming). My focus areas are automating Playcheck releases for game development studios and adding Playcheck support for Landbased Casinos. By the end of this year, my grand plan is to totally shape how Playcheck interacts with 3rd Party Company games.

What got you interested in development?

It started in high school – back then it was just modding the games, but it got me interested in learning actual programming later. I really do like when I can be involved in the process from start to finish. Create the design, code, test and release it to customers. My work is not just about programming, it also means communicating with other teams around the globe. Big shout to Derivco Family!

How long have you been developing for?

I have been developing professionally for around 5-6 years.

How do you stay inspired inside and outside the office?

Outside the office i am an active member of Estonian Defence League, meaning my free time is largely spent in forest doing various military exercises – soon to be Sergeant. For sport activities, in the summer I like to play baseball and disc golf. In the winter i spend most of my time ice fishing. To answer the question, i think the best way to stay inspired is to work on a totally different set of problems outside of the office to clear your mind an encourage a different way of thinking.

What is the best piece of advice you would give people looking to follow the same kind of career path as you?

Don’t be afraid to start as a junior developer.

Embrace the learning time you have in the beginning. When you are skilled enough, do something that changes the company, dont be afraid of taking risks. Don’t become someone who only does the tasks that are on Kanban board, go above and beyond.

Challenge yourself

What does your average day look like?

Due to the fact that we are working on multiple projects with teams from all over the world, I could almost say that there are no average days. But to give some example of my day, it could have following: up to 4 cups of delicious coffee, development time, video chats, brainstorming, playing PlayStation 4 and presenting at Derivco #DevNight. This is definitely not a regular eight-to-five job!

What’s the most exciting part about your job?

Cake days, everybody loves cake days!

To be honest, I think the best part is that I have had free hands on almost every project so far. There is a bit of stress and excitement every time when something launches to public.

How would you define the Derivco culture?

I would like to quote Astrid Bjorvig here: “Derivco is a bright and friendly work environment, teeming with brilliant minds and vibrant personalities; the kind of place where you make good friends, and work alongside people who are enthusiastic, passionate, and engaged.”